Aftercare Instructions



We take great care and pride in all of our work, and you know all the tattoos we perform will have been made using sterile equipment. We do not re-use needles etc, and each customer has their colours mixed individually, with any leftover disposed of. We only use the highest quality needles and colours. You will be given the best advice available and with conscientious aftercare on YOUR BEHALF problems should not arise.

Whilst we take every precaution possible, the aftercare of a new tattoo is the sole responsibility of the client - we cannot accept any liability after a client has left the studio.

As we have wide experience of tattooing, we offer the following advice.

It is very unusual for a tattoo not to heal quickly as hygiene methods follow recommended procedures. Should yours not be healing to your entire satisfaction, consult your doctor immediately.



Please note that some body piercings can take up to 12 months to heal - it varies from person to person. If you read, and attend conscientiously to this aftercare, there should be no risk of infection. However, if infection should occur, or you are not entirely satisfied with your piercing, leave your jewellery in and consult either your piercer and/or your doctor.



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