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The reason this page has come into exsistance is because some people have forgotten that a Tattoo Studio is a place of business like any other business, and should be treated as such. If you go beating on the door of your local supermarket at 6am, do you really expect them to open up just for you?? then why should we? I hope you can see where this is leading. So please read the following list on shop etiquette, or otherwise known as just plain manners, and your tattoo experience may just be a little more enjoyable. The last thing you want to do is PISS OFF the establishment, whether it be in this shop, or any other.


PLEASE. do not bring children! Who will be watching them when you are getting tattooed? We are NOT a daycare! We have other customers to attend to and we can not be chasing your children around. Besides, a Tattoo Studio is for over 18 `s only.

PLEASE. do not bring 10 friends with you when you are getting tattooed,.. the artist does'nt need the distraction of several people hanging around him/her while they work. Limit yourself to just one or two friends for moral support.

PLEASE. keep your stuff at home. A VCR does'nt pay our bills, cash does. Do you think any other place of business would take a TV or VCR for trade for merchandise? Visit your local pawn shop first, then pay us a visit.

PLEASE. do not even think of smoking in the studio. That is entirely against the health code. Do you light up at your doctor's or dentists surgery? We have to follow the same strict guidelines for cleanliness as a doctor/dentist would. Besides, a tattoo is a minor surgical procedure, treat it as such.

PLEASE. do not come in drunk or stoned! We will not tolerate it and you will be shown the door. Besides, it's illegal for us to tattoo anyone who does'nt have a full grip of exactly what he/she is about to do to their body.


This list is just "plain common sense". We are a business, just like any other, and would prefer to be treated as such.

Thank you,


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